Wednesday, 17 October 2012

List Evolution

List Evolution - it seems to be a term that is thrown about far to much at the moment in 40k.

The world of 40k and list building has gone mad. I don't think there is even a meta anymore. There is to much choice. Do you max out on taking out as many flyers as possible - leaving yourself incredible short when the 200+ imperial guard blobs come out to play, or do you make sure you have enough templates to cover the entire table twice over only to realise that you have nothing to crack open those transports which hold all the squishy goodness.

Now I may be abit extreme above with going down specific list builds and counter builds that come into play more often than not in regular 40k games. My own personal thoughts are that a balanced list almost impossible to get right atm.

I am finding that I am coming up with knee-jerk reactions to every possible situation that I encounter either by playing games or by 'theory-hammer', reading blogs and tournament reports and listening to pod-casts. 

I am finding that I am at work scribbling notes down on how to counter certain lists but this leaves me build a list which has no correlation to the last list I scribbled.

This has lead me to rethink on my own thoughts and get fellow bloggers opinions on possible flaws or if i picked up and hit a 'gold mine'.

My current list 1850 points

Hive Tyrant #1
Armoured Shell, 2 x T/L Devourers, Preferred Enemy Bubble

Hive Tyrant #2
Armoured Shell, 2 x T/L Devourers, Preferred Enemy Bubble

Running two Hive Tyrants exactly the same sounds abit daft seeing that neither are flying. AP 2 is a god send in 6th edition and having a T6 MC walking towards the enemy pretty much has to be delt with but two of them up either flank helps with 'denying of flank' and the spreading of PE bubble. I cant decide if 2 x T/L devourers are a good idea, the only issue is psychic abilities are all generally shooting so its the balance between buffing or 'dak'ering. This may need play testing.

Doom in a Pod

Pretty awesome deals with massive squads all by himself.

Warriors x 5 in a Pod
Devourers, Boneswords, Toxin Sacs

This unit is more to do with getting to the back edge of the board and contest or just to be a nussiance and distract. Boneswords are the dogs balls but cost so much... cant decided if to take rendering claws instead in-case I run into damn dreadnaughts

Hormagaunts x 10
Adrenal Glads and Toxin Sacs

Termagants x 10

Termagants x 20

Sit on a objective and hope that the don't get blown away

Carnifex #1
2 x T/L Devourers

Carnifex #2
2 x T/L Devourers 

These two walk along with my Hive Tyrants gaining from PE bubble and taking out APC's. So far in games alot more fire power is directed at Hive Tyrants so these guys often are still on 4wounds by top of turn 4 which is good!

Trygon Prime

Deep Striking in to the back of enemy deploment trying to cause as much havoc as possible before he is killed.

All i need know is to test it in a competitive environment.... maybe i should go to blog wars 4?....

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