Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Nids

So after the release if the new book there is a lot of negativity. I can understand why but tbh it's not that bad. A lot of things are cheaper which is a lot better and makes the swarm a lot easier to achieve. 

I've managed to test out the new book in a 1750 point game.

My list for this is as follows

T/L devourers x2

stranglethorn cannon and thorax (haywire)

Termigaunts x30


Hormagants x10

Warriors x4

Carnifex x2
T/L devourers x2

Trygon Prime

Venomthrope x2

Hive Guard x2 

Very mixed list it's not ideal thinking of getting a few crones or harpys leaning more to the latter just for carpet bombing the field and using venom cannons for high strength goodness. 

I played a eldar and ork list. Very odd but it worked well tbh. 

From what I learnt about the list is that things still die very very quickly if there isn't enough options. The flyrants were excellent the managed to take a lot of shooting and remain in the air for 4turns. They then fell down and died :(

Hive guard are rather poor now I think they won't be seen that much. 

Venomthropes are amazing especially with carnifexs. Getting a reasonable  cover save in the open is excellent and with fexs being cheaper they are a lot more viable in the new book. 

Over all I like the book it hasn't changed to much. Yes a few things have gotten worse but the cheapness of other units means there are a lot more nids on the table. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Not one for gossip...

So I'm just looking at my weekly newsletter from games workshop and I happen to notice this image 

I can't help notice there are new nids in this picture or am I seeing things? 

What are things at the very back look like fexs but more crabby?!

Friday, 1 November 2013

The night before blog wars 6

So as usual before tournament there is the panic of building and finish painting units. 

So in the usual fashion of panic painting I have the following. 

Half a carnifex
Half a hive tyrant
And 10 devilgaunts

A night of fun for me then :/ 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

blog wars 6 - list

so its blog wars 6 time. my list is below.


Hive Tyrant #1
2x T/L Devourers with BL Worms, Armoured Shell, Leece Essence, Paroxysm, Old Adversary
Hive Tyrant #2 
Scything Talons, Stranglethorn Cannon, Armoured Shell, Leece Essence, Paroxysm, Old Adversary 

'SC' Deathleaper
Hive Guard x2

Termagants x15
Devourers, Toxin Sacs
Termagants x15
Devourers, Toxin Sacs
Cluster Spines, Dominion, Catalyst, Onslaught, Toxin Sacs 

Heavy Support
2x T/L Devourers with BL Worms
2x T/L Devourers with BL Worms
Toxin Sacs 

the list is straight forward, either hide or slowly walk forward and hope that the massed shooting with a few templates here and there will generally devourer everything in its path. it has worked quite well in alot of games that i have played but it's never been pushed competitively.
the tl devourers can handle anything from troops to light tanks and anti-air. 
deathleaper is there to be a general nussance and for last minute objective grabbing thanks to the BW6 rules. but for the actual reason, i think he can upset and disrupt leadership for tau and psykers. i could have taken doom but thats boring, very good but boring. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Returning to the Blogsphere

So tonight I am sitting in front of the tv, laptop on knee, expecting a crap performance by England against the Ukraine. Odd way to start a post you might think? Well I’ve learnt that my life doesn’t revolve around 40k, would be nice if it did mind. Back to the point England will surely loose, the end full stop world cup dreams fading as quickly as a burnt out candle.

So with my dreams of England being a force in world football in the gutter, I think its worthwhile discussing my 40k activity. None… zilch… bugger all. Well that as quick. Nah I’m not going to stop there, my 40k playing activity as been none existent but my listening and reading has gone through the roof. 40k global is the only way I get through the working week, you just have to love Dave, Franco and BJ for what they bring to the hobby… some love it some hate it… I’m not surprised but the banter they have is great.

So on the cusp of this new enlightenment, I’m going to start my 40k habit up again hoping to attend tourneys or local get together more often, this will probably be more prevalent in winter, I have an even more expensive hobby in the summer that is golf.

So to start off here are a few pictures of what I have been reworking and modelling recently. This is all towards a big push for myself to attend Blog Wars 6 in November.

Enjoy the pictures. Please note they are WIP’s

Saturday, 7 September 2013

life detected...

"SHIELDS!!! Raise the shields now, before that thing comes ba....."

normal service will be resumed shortly. future plans will be revealed and will be attending blog wars 6.

Friday, 11 January 2013

the future...

I've thought about this post for a very time.

I'm not going to lie, but I have a feeling that I may rant a tiny little bit.

The subject of ranting is Tyranids... odd but hear me out. I'm fed up of listing to podcasts and looking/searching the internet to see if anybody is doing something cool with Nids. I have found a few like this guy

I absolutely love what he has done with the Tyranid kits and I am slowly starting some twin/linked devourers to match the same.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

List Evolution

List Evolution - it seems to be a term that is thrown about far to much at the moment in 40k.

The world of 40k and list building has gone mad. I don't think there is even a meta anymore. There is to much choice. Do you max out on taking out as many flyers as possible - leaving yourself incredible short when the 200+ imperial guard blobs come out to play, or do you make sure you have enough templates to cover the entire table twice over only to realise that you have nothing to crack open those transports which hold all the squishy goodness.

Now I may be abit extreme above with going down specific list builds and counter builds that come into play more often than not in regular 40k games. My own personal thoughts are that a balanced list almost impossible to get right atm.

I am finding that I am coming up with knee-jerk reactions to every possible situation that I encounter either by playing games or by 'theory-hammer', reading blogs and tournament reports and listening to pod-casts. 

I am finding that I am at work scribbling notes down on how to counter certain lists but this leaves me build a list which has no correlation to the last list I scribbled.

This has lead me to rethink on my own thoughts and get fellow bloggers opinions on possible flaws or if i picked up and hit a 'gold mine'.

My current list 1850 points

Hive Tyrant #1
Armoured Shell, 2 x T/L Devourers, Preferred Enemy Bubble

Hive Tyrant #2
Armoured Shell, 2 x T/L Devourers, Preferred Enemy Bubble

Running two Hive Tyrants exactly the same sounds abit daft seeing that neither are flying. AP 2 is a god send in 6th edition and having a T6 MC walking towards the enemy pretty much has to be delt with but two of them up either flank helps with 'denying of flank' and the spreading of PE bubble. I cant decide if 2 x T/L devourers are a good idea, the only issue is psychic abilities are all generally shooting so its the balance between buffing or 'dak'ering. This may need play testing.

Doom in a Pod

Pretty awesome deals with massive squads all by himself.

Warriors x 5 in a Pod
Devourers, Boneswords, Toxin Sacs

This unit is more to do with getting to the back edge of the board and contest or just to be a nussiance and distract. Boneswords are the dogs balls but cost so much... cant decided if to take rendering claws instead in-case I run into damn dreadnaughts

Hormagaunts x 10
Adrenal Glads and Toxin Sacs

Termagants x 10

Termagants x 20

Sit on a objective and hope that the don't get blown away

Carnifex #1
2 x T/L Devourers

Carnifex #2
2 x T/L Devourers 

These two walk along with my Hive Tyrants gaining from PE bubble and taking out APC's. So far in games alot more fire power is directed at Hive Tyrants so these guys often are still on 4wounds by top of turn 4 which is good!

Trygon Prime

Deep Striking in to the back of enemy deploment trying to cause as much havoc as possible before he is killed.

All i need know is to test it in a competitive environment.... maybe i should go to blog wars 4?....

Friday, 21 September 2012

Angron the Red

Well if you havent seen Angron on Forge World here he is in all of his 50quid worth of goodness. ( forge world images). I can't wait to see the other Primarches.

I might see myself starting a Pre-Heresy Space Marine force very soon

Friday, 14 September 2012

well its been a long time...

It’s been far too long since I blogged anything on this little portion of the internet.

I’m sure all of you who read this blog aren’t that fussed about where I have been or what I have been up to, but I will tell you anyway. I have currently gone through a phase of disliking this hobby for no fault of its own but sometimes it can get a little bit repetitive and samey. Then 6th landed and in honesty I got the rulebook 4 days before I should have done and I wasn’t that excited about it. Yes its new rules, and yes it offers new aspect to list building that have never been open before, but at the end of the day all I could think about was the fact I need to start a brand new army just to deal with what people are coming up with. This in a time where my enthusiasm for the hobby was dwindling sort of killed me off for a bit.

Also on a side note I have been playing so much team golf for my local club I haven’t had the time to get in a game of 40k that and spending lots of money on new shiny clubs and any spare time at the range.

But I’m back (sort of) and re-energised about the 40k universe.

My 1st feeling is looking back over the Nid codex and seeing what can work in this new episode of the 40k Universe. I believe like so many other bloggers that Troops is a massive part of the game and almost even more important now in 6th than they were in 5th.

So what can Nids offer in the case of troops that can stick around long enough to contest objectives… Warriors are ok is the initiative hit for FC has really hit them bad and 4+ save can really drop the 3 wounds extremely quickly. Back in 5th I ran a squad of 5 with boneswords and both TS and FC. I feel this option is still available but the nerf that Power Weapons got has considerably hurt them. They are still useful to drop the greatly annoying 10man squads of grotesques that are appearing at my local gaming club.

I thinking that Tervigons will be alot more useful in 6th. I am seriously thinking about at least running two as a troop option and try and flood the board with little critters. I don't know weather outflanking these baby makers would be a good idea. I still think these ladies should continue with the normal psychic powers as feel no pain is still a very good power for cheap.

I will continue my thoughts on nids in 6th and what else I could see as a possible alternative...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

UK 40K Doubles

So this weekend is the 40K doubles at WHW. It feels a little weird that I am not excited about it. I think this has a small thing to do with 6th Edition being released on Sat.

This pretty much means I will be playing in the last ever tournament of 5th which is something to tell the grand kids... Well maybe not. Which means that we'll have to try and go out with a bang.

Sam and myself will be taking Nids again which is nothing new there but going a bit O.T.T with our list (note I have no idea what Sam is taking atm apart from one model). We will try and make a competivitive showing with Nids. That's right both the Swarmlord himself and the Doom will be making an appearance in our lists.nwell we might as well make it fun and see who will dare take on the Swarmlord in CC. Might make a bit of a thing with it to add some more drama. I'm thinking a leaderboard or maybe a tombstone for aspiring champions!

So for my list which has to be 875 points with 1HQ and 1 Troops.

1x Swarmlord

3x 10 Termagaunts

1x Trygon with Adrenal Glands

1x Carnifex with 2x T/L Devourers in a Pod

That comes to 870. Think it could make a rather interesting and hopefully competivitive showing for the unloved codex of 5th.

If not I'll have a bloody good time challenging people with Swarmy!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Teaser No.1...

As you might have seen this is quite possibly the biggest hint that 6th Edition is coming and its coming soon!

My only question is i'm going to the 40k doubles the weekend after and i dont think i can learn a new rule set in a week?!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blog Wars 3 round up

After an extremely enjoyable Saturday I will have to say thank you to Alex (from the fang) for a great tournament and a great day.
Hive Fleet Awesome finished as the worst Tyranid force representing which was abit annoyingly. I how ever didn’t finish bottom which was nice and managed to finish 20th from 26 players so not all that bad. I had one narrow victory a tight draw and a tabling.
Deathleaper worked a treat and even though much of the game he sits in reserve his special rules really helped soften up some of the bigger harder characters. Making Meph Ld 7 was a high light
I enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers at the event and will post my results and brief reviews of the games I had.
Enjoy some of the pictures I managed to take and I will post later this week.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Blog Wars 3... tomorrow...

So Blog Wars 3 is tomorrow! 1st question am I ready? erm... no! Deathleaper is currently undercoated on my work top and ready to be washed so he is ready. Apart from that the wave of Hive Fleet (must think of a name) will be ready for tomorrow.

In other news Deathleaper is alot better than I thought. Yes he dies quickly but he can pick off little squads very easily with his impressive WS 9. oh yeah!

Also i have managed to beat a Kabalite DE army. They really do ride around in wet paper boxes after all.

So to fellow Blog War 3 attendies I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow and having a great day!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

play testing for blog wars 3

well so far my list seems ok. all i can say is that i can certainly draw for objectives but kill points will offer a right headache for me... well it does for all nids list tbh.

i think i might have made a mistake with running deathleaper, so far he has hid in a building whilst doing bugger all... secondly he seems to die stupidly easily... oh matt ward why couldnt you write the nid codex... sorry a moment of weakness there.

warriors are possibly the best thing since sliced bread especially with boneswords... i think they are quite possibly the answer for palladins... ok maybe thats abit rose tinted specs but answer me this... who can stand up to a leadership on 3d6 or suffer instant death?

right best be going nids dont paint themselves annoyingly....

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tyranid List for Blog Wars 3

Here is my list for the up coming Blog Wars 3.




Synapse Creature, Pskyer, Shadow in the Warp, Scything Talons, Lashwhip + Bonesword, Armoured Shell, Leece Essence, Paroxysm, Regeneration



Synapse Creature, Pskyer, Shadow in the Warp, Warp Field, Warp Lance, Warp Blast



Chameloeonic Skin, Flesh Hooks, Rendering Claws, Scything Talons, IB -Lurk, Fearless, Fleet, Killing Strike, Its After Me!, MTC, Pheromone Trail, Stealth, Hit and Run, What Was That, Where Is It?, Where'd It Go?



Synapse Creature, Pskyer, Shadow in the Warp, Scything Talons, Cluster Spines, Spawn Termagants, Dominion, Catalyst



All have Devourers, Chitin, Claws and Teeth, IB - Lurk, Move Through Cover.



Scything Talons, IB - Feed, Bounding Leap, Fleet, Move Through Cover, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands



Synapse Creature, Shadow in the Warp, Pair of Boneswords, Deathspitter, Adrenal Glands.



Monstrous Creature, IB - Feed, Fearless, Living Battering Ram, Scything Talons, T/L Devourers with BL, Regeneration



Monstrous Creature, Terror From The Deep, IB - Feed, Fearless, Burrow, Regeneration



Monstrous Creature, Bio-electric pulse, Scything Talons x2, IB - Feed, Deep Strike, Fearless, Fleet, Subterranean Assault, Regeneration, Adrenal Glands

I'll be looking forward to seeing you guys there .

Monday, 16 April 2012

Blog Wars 3... List Build Part 2 - The Big Stuff

Well if you haven't already read my Part 1 here is the link here.

As a Nid player the big pointy stuff has to come into the list very quickly so it can be easily afforded. Might be the way some people do it but I love my MC's.

So with out further a do on to the Heavy Support slots...

Friday, 13 April 2012

Blog Wars 3... List Build Part 1

Right...its about time I should really start thinking about what I want to be taking to the up and coming blog wars 3. Well seeing that I have just recently sold my guard I will be looking towards my nids.

Friday, 6 April 2012

a sad day...

well commander pointy stick and his merry band of men have left for pastures new...

i have sold my imperial guard army earlier this week mainly for several reason.

1. i dont find them fun to play with... this is my opinion but sitting back and saying pick that unit up after rolling some dice isnt what i call fun at all.

2. they arent fun to play against... i occasionally play other guard armys which is quite rare as alot of them have disappeared only to be replaced by necrons or grey knights! back to topic... when you see 12+ tanks on the other side of table you just feel like you cant get across the table to shut them down before being blown apart.

3. i dont think i ever won a game with them?! this could be my dice but i cant see how guard can do as well as internet says they can do.

4. i think i have fallen for nids in abig way?!

so what does this mean for armoured sentinel... well i will still post on this blog as no point in stopping it but it will mainly be about my Tyranid adventure and how i get on at the up coming BLOG WARS 3 and 40K DOUBLES at WHW in June/July.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

top 100... FTW... or maybe not

well sometime ago... a long long time ago thinking about it... myself and sam managed to go to the 40k doubles at WHW. We managed to finish an unimpressive 97th out of 114! We managed 1W 1D 3L. not setting the world a flame but not to bad considering we took quite a fluffy list with our Tyranids. In fact we where the highest placed Tyranid players there... oh yeah not so crap now!

well seeing how long ago it was please dont expect a full battle report for each game as ive slept since then.

but what i can remember are the people we played and roughly what they brought along... thanks gw and your crapy card for names and armies.